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Users Benefit From Lightweight Aluminum Flood shields

New flood protection from Savannah Trims, Inc. has the industry buzzing. With flood protection needs increasing, this product is a welcome relief from the old, heavyweight products of the past.

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Aluminum Flood Shields, from Savannah Trims Inc. are heavily reinforced with tubular girders and two plies of heavy aluminum sheet, then they are assembled, welded and waterproofed. Because their height dictates their composition, our shields are also completely pre-engineered to exacting technical standards.

Glass & Aluminum
Flood shields

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Engineered glass and aluminum flood protection functions like glass storefront and protects from flood waters. These panels are especially engineered to meet FEMA and NFIP requirements. E-mail us for more information.

The FEMA and NFIP requirements for floodplain management have been in place since 1992 and many counties still need to recognize their localized responsibility for compliance with them.

Note: We build to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Type II flood barrier specs, which allow slight "seepage" while our barriers are in place, so the designer should employ some sort of remedial solutions, i.e., sump pumps for example, to remove excess water.

Huge Price Savings Make Aluminum Flood shields Attractive To Users

The real attraction to the Savannah Flood shield is not just the light weight, but price $$$ as well ... Savannah Trims has this product engineered to be easy to use AND very economical to manufacture.

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Cedar Rapids 2008

Flood Mitigation Is International Issue - Opens New Markets

The ease of shipping Flood shields from Port of Miami lets Savannah Trims deliver product anywhere in the world. Asian & European Markets are in big need of flood protection. Flood mitigation with the STI flood shield is a real solution. 















Sun Control Louvers and Exterior Blinds

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